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Dion - Litohoro

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Dion was an ancient city of strategic importance and one of the most famous Macedonian states. The geographical location of ancient Dion placed eastern foothills of Olympus. The Museum of Dion opened in 1983 and it houses findings derived mainly from Dion and from Olympus and other parts of Pieria as Pydna and Resin. It has three floors in sections, according to the locations or areas conducted haul findings. The exhibition includes statues, votive and funerary monuments, architectural, coins and various other items, which were discovered in the sacred, in large thermae and necropolis of Dion as well as findings associated with everyday life in the ancient city of Dion.

The LITOHORO is popular city for those who want to start climbing to Mount Olympus, and from there start all efforts to conquer the peak of the mythical mountain. Eminently nautical location, in Litochoro one of the most important events is the Navy Week. These take place every two years at the park Litochorou. It also works from the 2002 Maritime Museum, which refers to the naval tradition of Litochorou and widely in the Merchant Marine with many exhibits from ancient times until today. But there are many other cultural events with religious, sporting and historical nature.



DION / LITOHORO (5 hours 170 €)
09:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
10:00 Arrival at Dion and visit the archaeological site and museum
12:00 Departure from Dion
12:15 Stop for coffee in Litohoro
14:00 Arrival in Thessaloniki



Useful link:www.ancientdion.org

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