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Mount Athos

A few words ..

Mount Athos or officially Holy Community of Mount Athos is an "Autonomous Monastic State ," which includes twenty monasteries and other monastic institutions within the borders of Greece with its own administrative system protected by international treaties . It is unique in the world and is differentiated from the monastic city of Lhasa in Tibet because it is not secular and not allowed in women . Located in Athos peninsula of Halkidiki and is considered the world center of Orthodox Christian monasticism . Orthodox monks living there from all over the world , Greeks, Russians , Serbs, Bulgarians , Romanians and many other nationalities .



Mount Athos (8 hours 200 €)

08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
10:00 Arrival in Ouranoupoli
10:30 Boarding the ferry cruise to Mount Athos
13:30 Back to Ouranoupoli
14:00 Departure from Ouranoupoli
16:00 Arrival in Thessaloniki



Useful link:www.athos-cruises.gr

  • Price does not include the cost of the ticket ferry boat.
  • The reservation ticket ferry boat made by our company in consultation with you.
  • There is possibility of chartering a private boat with captain (subject availability)
  • Each trip has a basic design, this does not mean that it can be adjusted to your personal preferences after having been agreed.