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The cave Petralona with stalagmites and stalactites located in the western foothills of the mountain Katsika at an altitude of 300 meters from sea level. Detected in 1959 by the resident of Petralona and became world famous in 1960 when it was found the skull of ancient man. The systematic excavations of the cave began in 1965 by the founder of the Anthropological Association of Greece anthropologist professor Aris Paulianos. The investigations proved that the Arhanthropos is approximately 700,000 years old, which makes him the oldest European. This age was based on a detailed analysis of the stratigraphy (so far have revealed 28 geological strata) and to study so the primitive Paleolithic tools as the palaiofauna discovered in nearly all sections. Among the fossils of extinct animals include lions, hyenas, bears, panthers, elephants, rhinos, megakeroi, bisons and various species of deer and equine, as well as 25 species of birds, 16 species of rodents and 17 species of bats. Important to verify the age, is the contribution of nuclear physics. Materials dated are bones, clay, stalagmites and ashes. These are traces of fire perhaps the most ancient human hand ever kindled on earth.



PETRALONA (4 hours 110 €)
09:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
09:45 Arrival in Petralona and visit the cave
11:45 Stop for coffee
13:00 Arrival in Thessaloniki


Useful link:www.petralona-cave.gr

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